January 27-28, 2018 · Blair County Convention Center

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About Us

About Setsucon

Setsucon 2018, located near the geographical center of Pennsylvania, is a 12th year anime convention catering to the Central Pennsylvania region. Setsucon 2018 is located at Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, PA.

Setsucon is hosted by the Penn State Anime Organization (PSAO). Since September 2001, the PSAO has been bringing anime, manga and Japanese pop culture to the University Park campus. Working to provide both weekly screenings and a social environment for Penn State's anime/manga fan base, the PSAO is continually broadening its horizons. The PSAO meetings serve multiple functions, including our free weekly anime screenings. We also arrange trips to conventions, have club social events, facilitate DDR events on campus, and much much more!

About the name

While planning the first Setsucon, we discussed several names. Our original name was to be "Daikon" like the radish and also "dai" (大) for "big". It was decided that this might be confusing as there was a "Daicon" held in Japan previously. Our next choice was "Setsucon". "Setsu" comes from the Chinese reading (on'yomi) of the Japanese word for "snow", yuki (雪). Since the convention is held during the winter in a region where snow is not uncommon, we felt that the name was fitting.

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