January 25-26, 2020 · Blair County Convention Center

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Cover Contest

Have your art featured on the front cover of Setsucon's Attendee Booklet!

Setsucon is looking for original art for our booklet cover this year! The winning art submission will be on the cover of every booklet handed out at Setsucon 2020.

We will select up to one (1) Grand Prize winner out of the submissions and use it as the cover for the Setsucon 2020 booklet. The corresponding entrant for the selected submission will receive two (2) free weekend registrations for Setsucon 2020, one (1) complimentary table in our Artists Alley, and one (1) Setsucon 2020 T-shirt. All submissions should be sent to publications@setsucon.com with "Setsucon 2020 Cover Contest" in the subject line.

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2019 11:59:59 PM EST

Submission Guidelines

Contest Rules

Contest Specifications

Mascot Information

The characters' clothing is at the discretion of the artist, but should be winter-influenced and follow our theme.

  • Green eyes
  • Beige complexion
  • Aqua blue hair color. Her hair is layered but pulled up high into a long ponytail reaching just past her shoulders. Her bangs are blunt in the center with long sides nearly reaching her shoulders.
  • The adventurous and leader type, she isn't afraid to take charge of any situation. She also likes to play the big sister role.

  • Honey-Orange eyes
  • Dark-tan complexion
  • Silver hair color with blue highlights. Reaching his shoulders, his hair is layered yet slightly curly with classic anime-styled tendril bangs.
  • Kind and fairly level headed, but a curious person. He is intelligent and reserved, but he is still an "act before thinking" kind of person.