AMV Contest Questions

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AMV Contest Questions

Post by MidnightWolf » Sun Dec 23, 2007 3:42 pm

I have some questions regarding the AMV Contest that I need answered ASAP.

I want to enter into the contest and I have a completed AMV to enter. I was planning on sending it through the mail tomorrow. Well the registration form for the contest I can't print out because both my printers do not work at the moment. Would it be okay if I wrote the form exactly as appears on the setsucon page and send it in with the AMV? I MAY be able to get the form printed out but if I can not, would that be fine?

When it says under the Technical Rules to leave two seconds of black space in the AMV in the beginning and end of the AMV, does that mean you also require no music for that duration?

I have a mix of anime and video game scenes in my AMV, this won't be a problem, right?

A huge concern for me is that under the Technical Rules it also states-"Bad pixel quality, subtitles, logos etc will result in immediate disqualification." There are SOME subtitles in TWO of the scenes, I really hope that isn't going to be an issue. It's not like it's throughout the entire AMV it's only for two of the scenes. The ending of one scene has few subtitles and the following scene contains very few subtitles as well. This COULD NOT be avoided as I had no other video to use and COULD NOT locate different video to use. Those two scenes are very vital to the AMV.

Another concern I have which I don't think is an issue but I just want to make sure. Is that in one scene I have the song playing and the video's audio playing at the same time. This part is the MOST IMPORTANT video in the entire AMV so I am really really hoping this is not going to be a problem.

I worked on this AMV for a VERY long time and encountered ALOT of issues along the way. It would mean alot to me if there are any issues how I could go about fixing them.

Please answer these questions as soon as you see this as I want to send the AMV tomorrow to ensure it arrives in time and if there are any issues that need to be brought up before the convention.

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RE: AMV contest questions

Post by Weedly » Mon Dec 31, 2007 3:40 pm

Hello MidnightWolf, I am responsible for organizing this little contest and I am very very sorry for not being able to replay earlier due to numerous technological problems on my end. First, thank you for your interest in the 2008 Setsucon AMV contest!

As of today (Dec. 31st), you still have six days to mail your entry, don’t panic. If your printer troubles have not been resolved by the time you read this reply AND you absolutely cannot use anyone else’s printer to print one, Then I can look past the use of a hand-copied form at this point ONLY IF IT IS LEGIBLE AND VERBATUM!

The 2 seconds of blank space rule was established to give edge-room for sewing the contest together for showing. Since the video software we are using is very flexible, if some audio leaks over into the blank space, I doubt it will be any trouble.

Including video game footage in your production is fine so long as the two subrules stated in the rules page are followed: A) the game footage CANNOT make up the ENTIRE film; and B) the select game must have originated in Japan ( like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, .//Hack, Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog etc.) Using something like Warcraft, God of War, or Twisted Metal (all American made) is not acceptable.

Subtitles have been a sticky subject since the beginning. Basically, this rule is set in place to discourage use of pirated footage due to legality issues ( because bad resolution and fansubs are dead giveaways). For example, if the source content was ripped from Youtube then it would be a problem. But if the subtitles are your own custom made work to help promote a certain message in your film or to stress some lyric in the music that is otherwise incomprehensible that is OK; or, if you are using an imported game for footage and your software could not remove the subtitles, then this rule can be waived slightly.
I, personally, would recommend the Adobe Premiere or Virtualdub programs to help compensate for the shortcomings of other software. Both have good cropping abilities that can help you get rid of subtitles that your current software may not be able to.

As for the concerns about the audio overlap, it is really impossible to be certain until the prescreening committee ( who will review all entries for content and decide which videos are shown) looks at the finished product. If the segment in question is the most important part of the film, rest assured that will be taken into account.

If you are utilizing a slow or softer part in the music to leave in a bit of the original dialogue between characters to highlight one part of your piece that is OK ( In fact THAT would be a little unique, as I have never seen it done before). Anything else is up to the committee

The total number of videos submitted will weigh heavily on the decisions about which videos are shown as well, and the AMV contest director (me) holds sole power to grant exceptions to any rules on a case by case basis. Please don’t be discouraged, You’ll never succeed if you never try. If any more questions come up or clarification on anything said above is needed please contact me at:

Best Regards,