AMV question for 2009

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AMV question for 2009

Post by Uchiha_Sazu » Thu May 15, 2008 10:09 pm

I was wondering for the next con, since most of my AMVs contain subtitles (if subbed) or TV logos (if dubbed), would it be possible for me to send my AMV in just to be shown, even if it didn't compete for a prize?

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Post by Panda » Wed May 21, 2008 1:00 am

I don't think we have an AMV head yet, so your question might not get an official answer for a while yet. :p

Usually the AMV requirements include that you need to have made the AMV inbetween the conventions (in this case, from the end date of Setsu 08 to Setsu 09), so you could work to rectify the existence of such things within any submission. Furthurmore, while an exception might be made (as that would be solely at the discretion of whomever is head of AMVs), would suggest any submission you make not contain logos or subtitles to avoid complications.

If the problem lies in your using fairly new series that are otherwise unavailible (fansubs), I would encourage you to google for a "raw" version of the anime which will give you unmarked and unsubbed versions on an almost universal basis.

Unless it's a very obscure series (like The Enemey's the Pirates :twisted: ), there shouldn't be much of a problem in finding clean versions of the video.

Just some suggestions in before an official answer. :wink: