Anime Dating Game?

Feel free to poke at our staff with any questions you might have
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Post by MinekaC » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:26 pm

From my knowledge of the dating game, I think it's rather different. The host club, is an auction, where as the dating game is, well, I think it's like that old school dating game show they used to play on TV.
Where as the host club, anyone can participate, only a select few can participate in the game show, where it's more like Whose Line, lots of funny improv.
Least, that's from my knowledge of the show/game.

PS- I don't know about most cons, but I know AB has run two dating games, a regular and an 18+. As per usual, for those who can attend, the 18+ is more amusing, but the dating game doesn't have to be for adults to be amusing.

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Cosplay Chess

Post by Ryaven » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:34 pm

The chess sounds like a good idea-- we had thought of doing that I think...maybe first year. The only thing that would be a hindrance is that we have limited space. I don't think any of our panels rooms would be big enough, we can't do it in the lobby/hallway because people need to use it. The only bet would be the main events room.

But, like I said- you have to contact officials like the Pres, VP, Panels, or Programming director to get any of this to happen. Fill out the forms and get everything set up--- that's what you have to do. Just talking about it won't get you anywhere :D

Good luck!

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Post by Hana-chan » Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:04 pm

Well, I was actually thinking...Would anyone be interested in attending cosplay chess the night BEFORE the con. So, Friday night, we can see if we can get a decent group together and host Cosplay Chess.

The Dating Game, from what I can say, is definitely a go. But I'd like to know anyone's opinions on Cosplay Chess, where it should be held, and what day. I would like people's help with Cosplay Chess. I think it would be a great thing to have.

As for the Dating Game; what I'm thinking about doing is, having a "shonen-ai" and "shoujo-ai" round in the dating game. So, one with a bachelor looking for a girl, one with a bachelorette looking for a boy, and then a boy looking for a boy, and a girl looking for a girl. PG-13, so it's family friendly, but yaoi/yuri fanboys and fangirls can have a slash pairing to take home with them, without it being obscene.

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Post by Uchiha_Sazu » Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:37 pm

XD If I end up cosplaying the way I plan, I totally volunteer for the Shonen-ai round XD

The Friday-night cosplay chess sounds really fun, but won't it require a lot of people? It should probably be held on Saturday to ensure that the right amount of people will be there.

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Post by Taurosta_the_elf » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:53 pm

Count me in for volunteering for the dating game show too, if I'm allowed to volunteer that is ;) Not sure if you plan what people will be in it before hand, or if you just pick people once you're there. Either way I hope I can be involved, and if you need any help with it you just let me know (although I doubt you would since you seem so organized but just in case) hehehe.

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Post by Hana-chan » Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:21 am

Sadly, there will not be a shounen/shoujou-ai round.

But I do plan on four rounds total. So, I would need two bachelors, and two bachelorettes to start. Then I'd need an extra six girls, and an extra six boys for the contestants. However, if I do get permission: I would like to throw a boy in with the girls contestants, and a girl in with the boy contestants. ^^

As of right now, since it's not 100% official yet, for those who want to sign up, I'll accept emails from you guys.

I'll just need the following:

1. What Character You're Applying For.
Normally, most cons do NOT allow anyone from Live Action series, American series (Like Avatar), or Web Comic characters, without permission. But I will. OCs however, will not be accepted.
2. Why is your character looking for a date?
Simple enough. Are you Miroku and just want to plant your seed in as many women as possible? Or, are you Orihime, and are just too shy to confess your true feelings?
3. I'll need a photo of you in the cosplay (I will accept partial cosplays. But please, make sure you have at least the top and bottom part, and anything that's mandatory for the character. Unhemmed sleeves, loose threads and similar unfinished bits are allowed, but please have them complete by the time the con comes around.), and I'll need a picture of the character you're cosplaying.
Sadly, if I do not find your cosplay up to par with the picture of your character, I might have to reject you. Then again, I'm not elitist, so you're in good hands!
4. I'll need your previous acting experience.
I don't care WHAT it is, school plays from elementary school, or masquerade skits. I don't care. As long as it's acting experience. And PLEASE, know your character as BEST as you can. Nothing is sadder than seeing L cosplayers who just talk about candy, asking questions.

My email's if anyone's thinking about signing up, but please keep in mind: this has not been 100% confirmed. If you do contact me now, I will put you down as tentative until my panel has been accepted. Thank you so much guys, I'm glad you all are excited for this, and I look forward to hosting this panel!

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Post by Panda » Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:34 am

Having attended (and in some ways, helped develop) both the CDG and Host Auction, I can tell you they're very different events. The central similarity is that people are in-character, which isn't much of an argument for exclusion. The only other similarity is that, supposedly, the "winners" go on a fake cosplay date. If anything, that is more a similarity to Host Auction 1.0, which changed to free served food in 2.0.

A main difference is the Host Auction is entertainment for the sake of rasing money, whereas CDG is entertainment for the sake of itself. Plus, it has interacting characters, which makes it more like a masquerade skit than anything else. Since it's unscripted though, it has much potential for lulz. ^_^

Oh! If you need an announcer/moderator, I put myself forward! :D Hope the idea goes through, it should prove interesting.
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Post by silentwolf » Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:25 pm

i was in the zenkaikon dating game and let me tell you it pulled a crowd if it is to be done at setsu i would enjoy being in it ness will never win ill just stealth kill him again

and my recomendation is over 18 just because while talking to the staff at zenkai i heard horror stories about how it got out of hand in the pg 13 one and thats why they moved to having an 18 + im not a staffer but if you want to save some headaches you may not to look into it

hope it happens illl be there ranting and making a jerk out of myself