Hall Cosplay + New attender

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Hall Cosplay + New attender

Post by KnalbTheJewx3 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:25 pm

Um, Hello there :3
I am going with my friend and her mom for the first time and we decided to join up in the 'Hall Cosplay'
I believe thats the one were you don't have to do anything just walk up wave and leave ^_^"
How does that work o_o;; i read about it but...is there going to be more then the judges watching you
because i have stage fright >_<;;;;;;

Also i mentioned that this was my first time and i don't quite know what goes on so please fill me in
Like, Can i help do something in the con like help anyway i can. I know prob not this con cuz its such late
notice but maybe next one. And i want to bake some chocolate cornet and hand them out because i am playing
Konata from lucky star so i thought it would be cute ^_^ would that be okay?

sorry this is so long i have so many questions though.
Thank you for reading this ^_^
IDC what your say
Chrona is a GUY!
and i love him :3