Newcomer so Setsucon!

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Newcomer so Setsucon!

Post by XangeliqueX » Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:15 pm

I just moved back to PA from virginia and i realized there was this con near by. And im deff going to come in 2012.
Im so excited and wanted to hear more about what its like from the people that have gone :)
What kind of cosplays do/did you go as?
And what events have been held in the past?
Ect ect
/edit: this will actually be my first con. Might i add.

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Re: Newcomer so Setsucon!

Post by crawlerkat » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:22 pm

Setsucon tends to be very small, with a decent amount of attendees that are loyal and pretty much the same each year. Cosplays range from very well done to less experienced, but generally, everyone is super chill. One of my favorite things is that you don't get many repeats, and when you do, there's still something wonderfully different between the cosplayers.

Artist Alley and the Dealer's Room are both relatively small, but it's a cozy small. You'll have a lot of time to just wander between the two and won't really have to worry about blowing all of your money in one day like at a bigger con, such as Otakon. You just go, take a look around, and can consider the options. Also, last year seemed to be the start of blow out sales in Artist's Alley, so you know~ haha

My first Setsucon (2009 I believe?) I cosplayed as DM Bakura from season Zero (which was a very, very fail costume, haha). The next year I was Mello/Zombie Mello from Death Note (Proof in the dating game from that year! haha), and this past one I was Kazemaru Ichirouta from a lesser known series, Inazuma Eleven... then wore a Stitch Kigurumi for the dating panel. There are always tons of characters you will know and won't know, and occasionally the ones you never thought you'd see! However, don't expect huge plates of armor, fursuits, or anything along those lines. My friend and I were going to try to get our Zero costumes done, but they would have been much too bulky for such a small con. Things to keep in mind C:

Panels... well, there's quite a few, though I wish there were more attention grabbers! haha. I had an artist's table last year and short of Vic's panel in 2010 I've never had much of a liking for the guest picks, so I missed out on most panels other than my own. I hear the Iron Cosplay panel was AMAZING from several people, which is more or less this: select random people from the audience, give them an odd material (last year was paper, I believe?), and force them to construct a costume in front of a crowd while belittling them in a comical way. Another hit, as one would imagine, is the dating panel (which we want to make even better this year!). I have heard very positive things about the rave, despite it being a little small, as to be expected.

Honestly, this is my number one pick for someone's first anime convention, hands down. It's not large, so it's not overwhelming. You don't have to run from one side of the convention center to the other in order to do what you'd like, and there isn't so much going on that you have to sacrifice one thing for the other. People are more friendly, no one really minds if you loiter (to a degree), and you'll make great friendships thanks to bumping into people multiple times!

Wow, this is kind of a ramble but... yeah. That's my Setsucon promo for ya! XD

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Re: Newcomer so Setsucon!

Post by spyraleyed777 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:17 pm

Setsucon has one of the best venues that I have ever been too. There is lots of natural light, and things are roomy without being too spread out. I know that my partner and I will be trying to do 2 panels at 2012, a Game Show Panel with prizes, and a Table Top RPG panel. I have sold in Artist Alley many times for Setsucon, and there is a lot of talent, and the space is nice with little traffic jams.

The staff are great and the attendees are friendly and creative. Definitely a con I would recommend.

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Re: Newcomer so Setsucon!

Post by Ryaven » Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:29 am

Setsucon is my favorite convention...and no bias here, lol, I only staffed the first three years ;). It really has been a joy to both work for and attend the convention. We're like a big family here :). There has always been a lot to do, even though the convention is small, and so far as I can tell, pretty much everyone's enjoyed it.

Quite personally, it'll be my first year as a full on attendee instead of doing staff work or having an art table-- so like you, I'll be experiencing something new. I really hope that you have a fun time! The host club is quite a hoot in general, and you'll probably like a lot of the panels too!