Pleased to meet you, Setsucon Artist Alley 2014!

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Pleased to meet you, Setsucon Artist Alley 2014!

Post by skim » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:21 pm

o.o This will be my first time at Setsucon, but I hope we can still get along? :D


I'm also hoping to get a Kill La Kill print done JUST IN TIME for setsucon, but we'll see o_o I did just finish a Madoka drawing (which I'll have for Setsucon!), so I'm not sure how quick I can push out another drawing........

I will also be bringing hand-thrown and hand-trailed tea cups as I am academically trained as a potter :)
You can see some of my pieces here!

I'll also be taking on-site 9x12 watercolor commissions :D So if you have an idea you want to see drawn, let's chat!

Make sure to come by Saturday if you want the commission before the end of the weekend. I can also mail out commissions if you think of something you wanted last minute.
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