1. Be polite please; no cursing, screaming, yelling, arguing, etc.
  2. Respect all members.
  3. Setsucon has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment or bullying of any kind. Please report any signs of harassment or bullying to a Discord Admin or Moderator.
  4. No advertising of any kind for anything other than Setsucon without Moderator approval.
  5. Do not send any spam/scam web links.
  6. Do not make any instant invite links.
  7. All Setsucon Policies apply to this Discord Server: https://setsucon.com/policies/
  8. This list is not an end all be all; if an Admin or Moderator finds unfitting behavior, you may be banned or removed for a short period of time.


Be sure to check out the #rules, #roles, and #current-events channels for more information on what’s happening around the con. We look forward to seeing you there!