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April 10-11, 2021 · Online-Only Convention

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Panels Online

Panels are an opportunity for fans to talk about their trade of specialty or field of interest. Have a love for a certain anime? Japanese food? Games? Then apply for a panel to share your love with others!

Applications Close March 13, 2021
Panel Notifications Start March 20, 2021

General Panel Policies

Setsucon hopes that you will have a wonderful time running a panel and help to enrich the experience for all of the other attendees at the convention. However please be aware that there are a few guidelines you must follow when applying for your panel:

  1. Time slots are available in 60 minute chunks, so panelists should aim for 50-55 minutes with their panels.
  2. In the panels application, panelists will choose between submitting a pre-recorded panel or applying for a live panel.
  3. Setsucon 2021 will not allow adult (18+) material this year. We also ask that panelists try to keep their panels family-friendly.
  4. Panelists must be 16 years of age or older.
  5. By submitting a Panels Application, you grant Setsucon permission to show your panel at Setsucon 2021.
  6. By submitting a Panels Application, you affirm that all content is original and does not infringe upon any intellectual property.
  7. Submission of a Panels Application is a proposal. Setsucon holds the right to not choose your panel for the convention.

Pre-recorded Panel Submissions

Panelists who choose to submit a pre-recorded panel will record their panels content and submit the video to Setsucon. Here are a list of important guidelines for panelists to keep in mind when submitting a pre-recorded panel.

  1. Video should be in 1080p resolution and 29.97 FPS format if possible. All videos will be scaled to this resolution.
  2. Avoid placing important images or text 55 pixels from the top, 95 pixels from the left or right side, and 105 pixels from the bottom.
  3. Submissions using MP4 encoded with x264/h264 codec are preferred, although not required.
  4. You must provide a link to a directly downloadable file for your panel. This can be done with either your personal web space or a free service such as or Google Drive.
  5. No links from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video-streaming website will be allowed.

Live Panel Submissions

Panelists who choose to submit a live panel will present their panel through a video conferencing software during the weekend of Setsucon. Here are a list of important guidelines for panelists to keep in mind when submitting a live panel.

  1. Panelists are required to submit a supplementary document along with their panels application. This document can be a PowerPoint, script, outline, etc. Any document that gives more details about the panel is accepted. Panelists do not have to go out of their way to write a new document for submission.
  2. Panelists will be contacted about their preferred day and time to present their panel after they have been accepted.
  3. If we believe the content of a live panel is more suited to the pre-recorded format, we may contact panelists and ask that they present their panel in a pre-recorded video.

Veteran Panelist Status

Setsucon recognizes those who have consistently provided panels to the convention in past years. Registration for such panelists is waived when certain conditions are met. However, Setsucon 2021 will not require registration, so no reimbursements are necessary. Submitting panels for Setsucon 2021 will still count for achieving the Veteran Panelist status in future years.

Panelist Registration Reimbursement

For 2021, Setsucon will be presented virtually at no-cost to attendees. Due to this, there will be no registration reimbursements to process this year.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Panels Coordinator.