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April 10-11, 2021 · Online-Only Convention

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Setsucon 2021 Move to Online FAQ

General Questions

Why did Setsucon make the decision to postpone in-person activities to Setsucon 2022?

With the current restrictions for gatherings and travel set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and current case counts across the region, it was both infeasible and against the best interests of the health & safety of the region to hold an in-person event. Postponing in-person activities to 2022 and moving events for this year to an online format was decided to be in the best interests of the health & safety of all involved.

Why did Setsucon decide to run an online convention for Setsucon 2021

Rather than skipping out on a year, we opted to move our annual convention to an online format rather than postpone completely in order to provide many of the events and entertainment that we normally would. Setsucon strives to bring a celebration of anime and Japanese culture, whether in-person or online, and this year is no exception.

When is Setsucon 2021?

Setsucon 2021 will take place on April 10th and 11th, 2021 in a solely online format across our streaming and website platforms.

When is Setsucon 2022?

Setsucon 2022 will be held January 28th - 30th, 2022 at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. More information on Setsucon 2022 will be available after April.

Pre-Registration and Hotel Reservations

I pre-registered for Setsucon 2021 - what happens to my registration?

All pre-registrations made for Setsucon 2021 will be refunded via Eventbrite. You will receive an email notifying you of your refund within the next week. If you do not receive any information regarding your refund, please reach out to our Registration Director

What happens if I booked a hotel room?

If you have booked in our room blocks, all reservations for Setsucon 2021 will be cancelled automatically by each hotel, with your refund being returned to your method of payment used to book the room. If you have booked outside of our room blocks, you will need to call your hotel directly to cancel. If you do not receive notice of your cancellation after one week, please contact the hotel directly.

Panels & Exhibitors Applications

What happens if I applied for Panels?

All existing panels applicants are asked to submit a new panels application on the updated panels form for the online convention. New and old panelists alike should review the updated panels application to understand the changes from previous years. The updated page and form will be up in the coming weeks. Please reach out to our Panels Coordinator with any questions that you may have.

What happens if I applied for Exhibitors?

All existing exhibitor applicants will be added to our online Exhibitors Hall free of charge for Setsucon 2021. Our Exhibitors Coordinator will be reaching out shortly with more information. Additionally, your application will automatically be rolled over to Setsucon 2022 at its current status.

What happens if I was accepted for Exhibitors and will it be valid for 2022?

All accepted exhibitor applicants will automatically be accepted in the Exhibitors Hall for Setsucon 2022. Our Exhibitors Coordinator will be reaching out shortly with more information.

2021 Online Convention Information

Does Setsucon 2021 cost money for being online?

Setsucon 2021 will be free of charge.

How will I access Setsucon 2021?

Setsucon 2021 will be via our streaming and website platforms. Further information regarding how to participate and watch will be available at a later date.

What will be Setsucon 2021 hours?

The hours of operation for Setsucon 2021 are to be determined, however you can expect that the convention will last from morning to night on both April 10th and 11th.

What events will Setsucon 2021 have?

As much as we can! While not every event will translate into an online environment, we intend to do our best to bring all of your favorite live events to our online format in ways that maximize engagement, fun, and interactivity. Further information regarding what events you will see at the convention will be available at a later date.

Are there any in-person activities being held for Setsucon 2021?

No. All activities for Setsucon 2021 will be held online in a virtual format.