Winter's Warmest Anime Celebration

Starting back in 2007, Setsucon has grown from a one-day convention in a college town, to a Pennsylvanian destination, both in-person and online. Learn about who we are, what we do, and a bit about the people that make the Setsucon magic happen.


About the Convention

Setsucon is an anime convention held annually each January at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Run under the Penn State Anime Organization since 2007, Setsucon has been bringing anime, manga, and Japanese culture to the winter months in Central Pennsylvania.

After a year of planning, Setsucon debuted in 2007 as a one-day event with 288 people filling the halls of the Days Inn Penn State. Since then, the convention has expanded to more than 1,400 attendees (and moved 45 minutes away) to fill the halls once again, this time at the Blair County Convention Center. With a new space and a new city to call our home, the convention has continued to grow and improve in ways that could never have been dreamed of at the beginning.

Since the start, the focus has been on three pillars: Anime, Cosplay, Gaming. The convention holds events, such as fan and voice actor panels, anime viewings, a cosplay masquerade, iron cosplay challenge, gaming gauntlet tournament, and much more to make the weekend as exciting as possible for any type of fan. With both a family-friendly atmosphere and big con amenities, Setsucon has become a premier location to celebrate anime and Japanese culture during the chilly winter.

Our Mission

Setsucon strives to bring a safe and inclusive social environment to anime and manga fans of all ages across Central Pennsylvania and beyond. We aim to bring the big convention feel to a more intimate and affordable convention.

About the Name

While planning the first Setsucon, we discussed several names. Our original name was to be “Daikon” like the radish and also “dai” (大) for “big”. It was decided that this might be confusing as there was a “Daicon” held in Japan previously. Our next choice was “Setsucon”. “Setsu” comes from the Chinese reading (on’yomi) of the Japanese word for “snow”, yuki (雪). Since the convention is held during the winter in a region where snow is not uncommon, we felt that the name was fitting.

Penn State Anime Organization

Setsucon is hosted by the Penn State Anime Organization (PSAO). Since September 2001, the PSAO has been bringing anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture to the Penn State-University Park community. Through weekly anime screenings, video game nights, a manga library, and many more activities across campus, PSAO provides a social environment for Penn State’s anime/manga fan base while continuing to grow to bring more to the community. For its efforts, it was named the Penn State Student Organization of the Year in 2018.

Setsucon Twitch Streaming Channel

Started in November 2020, Setsucon’s response to conventions being shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic was to bring the convention feel to everyone’s home, not just with an online convention but also with weekly streams. Since then, our Twitch channel has grown, featuring original gaming and anime chat programming, including our own tabletop rpg series Setsu Roll, Friday Night Party Night, MOBA streams, late night chat nights, and much more. Check out the streaming schedule and follow along at

BookFestPA Costume Contest

Since 2019, Setsucon has been hosting a costume contest in partnership with Schlow Centre Region Library’s BookFestPA during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. Showcasing cosplayers of all ages and all genres, the BookFestPA Costume Contest is a summer event you will not want to miss. Plus check out the other exciting events that BookFestPA has, celebrating both written & illustrated word with authors, comics, vendors, and much more. Visit to learn more.

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