Where Anime & Cars Collide!

Check Out the Showcase of Itasha-Wrapped & Anime-Inspired Cars
Presented by the Crew at Livery by Design

Stop by the Exhibitors Hall throughout the convention weekend to see cars decked out from front to rear in anime, gear, replicas of famous anime vehicles, and some of the coolest cars you’ll ever find. Whether you love a cute car or are an engine buff, you’ll love these vehicles. Rev up your engines and get ready to jump into on of the most high speed events the con has to offer!

Featured Cars

About Livery By Design

Dream /drēm/: a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.


The Dream began between two friends who wanted nothing more but to do what they loved and believed in. What started as professionally showcasing Itasha & Anime Inspired Cars turned into creating a brand that would soon represent us.


In 2019, Livery By Design went from a Dream into Reality with a focus not only on Itasha & Car culture but a brand that our team and fans could stand behind. We believe in Living by our Design, representing life’s everyday experiences and put a touch of anime inspiration along with it.


The world’s been pretty rough lately… but we want to fix that.


Life’s too short and it shouldn’t be wasted on the social norm. Here at Livery By Design we believe in the expression of one’s self. We believe in living outside the box and representing yourself in all the best ways possible. Whether it’s with our brand or an Itasha design we create for you, LBD is here to help you express yourself.


No matter the build, brand or design of the wrap, our team is ready and willing to work on your design in a timely and professional manner. Our design team is ready to work with our customers to create an Itasha design that they could see only in their dreams.