Learn More About the Exciting Events Happening at Setsucon

From Cosplay Contests & Fan Panels, to Musical Events and More - Setsucon has a Busy Schedule of Programming You Won't Want to Miss. Learn More at the Links Below and Find Out How You Can Be Part of the Action!

AMV Contest

Whether you’re a novice making an AMV for the first time or a seasoned veteran, we would love for you to submit an AMV. Awards will be given to the top AMVs.

Never made an AMV before? All you need is a little knowledge about how to edit video clips from your favorite anime/J-RPG series together and a great song to go along with it.

Charity Gaming

We are proud to be hosting our first ever Charity Gaming Tournament at Setsucon 2022! Compete in two exciting fighting games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Guilty Gear -Strive- to see if you are the champion. All proceeds from the tournaments go to a great cause in the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Concert Series

Setsucon 2022 will introduce the first ever Concert Series at the convention, with two concerts across the weekend featuring four amazing musical acts: Awesomus Prime, Heroes 4 Hire, Otaku Ongaku, and ThaGATAnegrra. Access to each concert will be included with your appropriate Setsucon badge (Friday Concert – Weekend or Saturday Badge; Sunday Concert – Weekend or Sunday Badge) at no additional cost, however seating for both concerts is limited to the max capacity of the room. Times and further information will be available closer to the convention.

Hall Cosplay

Show off your craftsmanship and impress our Setsucon judges with your best cosplay! Contestants will have a private judging session during the day. Following that, they have the opportunity to show off their costume on stage during the Masquerade. Judging is based on multiple skill levels, so everyone can enter!


As one of our biggest events, the Masquerade is perfect for con-goes who want to show off their costumes and creativity. From skits to songs, you never know what you’ll find. Interested in joining – learn more and apply below to take part in the Masquerade Showcase!


Fan-run panels are the heart and soul of our convention. Enthusiasts and experts present a variety of lectures, discussions, activities, and workshops. Panels cover a range of topics, including, but not limited to, anime, manga, cosplay, video games, voice acting, and Japanese culture. Whether you are looking to discover a new hobby or trying to flaunt your knowledge, there’s a panel for you! You may even get a chance to watch our guests demonstrate their skills during our Guest Panels.

If you’re looking to present a panel of your own, then follow the link below! (You can also receive a reimbursement of your Setsucon registration as thanks for volunteering your services.)