Exciting Partnership Opportunities for Your Business

Setsucon offers numerous partnership opportunities of various sizes and prices to best match your business and what you are looking for. Partnerships are available for both pre-con activities and at-con perks.
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Thank you for your interest in being an advertising and business partner with Setsucon. We have numerous advertising and partnership opportunities available for you. Take a look at the following page to learn more about our opportunities and take time to read all of them before submitting your application. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Contact Form above.

Show Your Badge Discount Program

Available to all local businesses for the convention weekend, advertise your business directly to our attendees at-con, on our website, and through our social media, for free! During the convention weekend, our attendees will be looking for places around town to explore, eat at, and drink at – and it could be your business. Our Show Your Badge Discount Program allows our attendees to show their Setsucon badge to your business during the convention weekend to get a discount or promotion of your choosing. In exchange, we will promote your restaurant or business to our attendees on our website, social media, and in-person platforms. And it is free for you to participate in!

Charity Silent Auction Donations

Help us raise money for a great cause at our Silent Auction. We are looking for businesses and partners that are interested in donating items, such as coupon codes or relevant merchandise, that we can auction off for charity. For donating your items, we will promote your business to our attendees through our website, social media, and/or in-person platforms.

Paid Advertisements

Stay tuned for more information regarding our paid advertising opportunities, such as booklet ads, logo on attendee badges or schedules, venue banners, gaming partnerships, registration bag inserts, or being a main event partner.

Advertising Policies

The following policies must be adhered to when submitting advertising content or while being an advertiser/partner.

  • All submissions must be appropriate for all ages.
  • All submissions must be submitted in their final form; no edits will be allowed after submission.
  • No submissions can include reference to Setsucon; examples include, but are not limited to, the Setsucon logo, the Setsucon calligraphy, or the Setsucon mascots.
  • Any late payments will constitute rejection of the application.
  • Any cancellations after payment are non-refundable.
  • All ads are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Setsucon reserves the right to deny advertising space or a partnership on the grounds of the above or due to lack of space.


In the event of a cancellation of Setsucon, or a cancellation of an advertising opportunity after purchase, all payments will be refunded.


Note – advertising with Setsucon does not guarantee acceptance into other parts of the convention, such as Exhibitors Hall, tournaments, panel applications, etc. and in no way will be considered during those review processes.

Advertising and Partnership Application

Please complete the below application to the best of your ability and as complete as possible. This application, and the contents held within, shall be used by our Outreach Coordinator to review potential advertisers and partners for Setsucon. Please ensure that you read all policies and information ahead of applying, as submitting an application binds you to these policies, if accepted.


Do note – submission of an application is not a guarantee of acceptance. We will review each application first before making a decision.