Apply Today for Press Badge Access

Setsucon welcomes and appreciates press and media coverage. Our Press Coordinator will be in touch shortly after submission with information regarding your press access. Please reach out to our Press Coordinator with any questions that you may have.

Press Policies

Being Accepted as Press for Setsucon Grants You:

  • One (1) Press Badge to Setsucon 2022
  • Access to Convention Grounds
  • Access to Request Staff Interviews
  • Receipt of All Press Releases as They Go Live

All Accepted Press Agree to Abide By the Following:

  • The Primary Press Contact must be at least 18 years of age as of January 28, 2022.
    • Other press badge holders can be 13 years of age or older if accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older).
    • Exceptions can be made for High School news outlets; the primary contact (if under the age of 18) will still need to be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older) during the convention.
  • Press must abide by all convention policies.
  • Press understand that this badge is for press coverage purposes and should not be mistaken as a cosplay photographer badge; any press members using this badge to schedule paid cosplay photoshoots shall have their badge revoked. Taking photos of attendees (with their prior permission) is accepted as long as it is not for a paid photoshoot scheduled using the press badge privileges.
  • Will send copies of the press coverage to Setsucon after the conclusion of the convention.

Any violation will come with a warning, at which time you will be asked to stop whichever offense is happening. Failure to comply or a subsequent violation is cause for removal from the convention.

Setsucon generally does not do interviews with guests due to scheduling difficulties during the weekend. Approved press are welcome to submit interview requests, however Setsucon cannot guarantee approval on any guest interview requests; acceptance of interview requests are at the guest’s discretion. Interview requests to interview staff are available and are flexible throughout the weekend.