Fighting, Rhythm, Arcade, Oh My!

Get Your Gaming Fix In With Our Video Gaming Room
Presented in Partnership with Origin of Play, Snow Phoenix, & Kawaii Catchers

Head on over to the Video Gaming Room presented by Origin of Play, Snow Phoenix, & Kawaii Catchers during the convention to play some of your favorite games! From new games to classics, rhythm, party games, and so much more, there is something for everyone. Just step right up to the console and get to playing! 

Game Gauntlet Challenge

Do you consider yourself great at video games? Test your mettle in the 5th Annual Setsucon Game Gauntlet! This bracket-style tournament features a variety of different games, tricks, traps, & more.

Casual Tournaments

Get your controller in hand and remember your dominating combos as you prepare to face off with the best gamers around. Take on all challengers in these casual video game tournaments throughout the weekend.

About Origin of Play

Located in New Jersey, Origin of Play strives to be the best possible Gaming Entertainment Company it can be. They love working with different clients, bringing their imagination and vision to life. Since Day One, Origin of Play has been the go-to place forgaiming entertaiment in the Norstheast coast region. They believe that everyone enjoys having fun and bringing out their inner-child, which is why they provide a variety of entertainment options that are guaranteed to keep guests of all ages happy and smiling.

About Snow Phoenix

Snow Phoenix has been providing the latest in Japanese arcades to cons all across the East Coast!

About Kawaii Catchers

Bringing authentic Japanese crane machines from Japan to an event near you. Our machines require both skill and precision to win the prizes. We fill our machines with a wide arrangement of both Japanese and American prizes, such as plushies, figures, keychains, and more!