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Get Your Gaming Fix In With Our Video Gaming Room
Presented in Partnership with Jake's Cards and Games, Snake Eyes Gaming, & The Quelmar Realm

Whether you are a fan of card gaming, tabletop rpgs, board games, miniatures, or just want to learn something new, our tabletop gaming room combines the best of all worlds with games from our many partners, including Jake’s Cards and Games, Snake Eyes Gaming, & The Quelmar Realm.

Casual Tabletop Gaming

Stop by the Tabletop Gaming Room throughout the convention weekend for a multitude of games to enjoy! You’ll find a wide selection of games for both the casual and expert player. Whether you’ve mastered every game or just want to learn a new one, you’ll find something here for you!

Tabletop RPGs & One-Shots

Experience a new adventure when you step into one of the many Tabletop RPGs hosted throughout the weekend by The Quelmar Realm. From simple games for first time players to more experiences world’s to dive into, there is a story for everyone to find. The Quelmar Realm will be running both hop in one shots and longer form games throughout the weekend – stop by the Tabletop Gaming Room to learn more.

Card Gaming Meetups

It’s time to battle, trade, and hang out! Bring out your best deck and get ready to win in our card gaming meetups, presented by Jake’s Cards and Games. Each meetup will be held at a specific time on Saturday – check the schedule for more details once available.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG

Attention Duelists! My hair would like to inform you of the YuGiOh player meetup in the Tabletop Game room! Stop by to trade, play, and meet the other Duelists at Setsucon.

Pokemon TCG

Calling all Trainers! In the Tabletop Gaming Room there will be a meetup for all seasoned and aspiring Pokémon Masters alike. Come battle, trade, and socialize with friends old and new at Setsucon.

One Piece TCG

Pirates of the Grand Line! It’s time to grab your destiny with both hands, and a deck of trading cards. Come meet all your fellow pirates, play some games, and trade some cards! See if you have what it takes to be King of the Pirates (at Setsucon)!

Magic: The Gathering Events

Get your magic kick during the weekend with events on Saturday and Sunday! Whether you are a seasoned Commander player, or want to get in on the early action, Jake’s Cards and Games has gaming events set and ready for you to dive into. Check the schedule for specific times and look below more more information.

Setsucon Commander Grand Melee

Hear ye, hear ye! The Grand Melee will commence on Saturday at Setsucon! Planeswalkers, show your resolve and compete for the love of Magic! Stand tall and claim victory for your Commander and yourself!


Players will register (for free) with the event staff and get sorted into 4 player groups. Those groups can play as many games as they want until they’re satisfied. When done, players can reregister for another group. Players may come and go as they please. We also have door prizes and random goodies for players who demonstrate what Commander is all about: Fun.


Commander is Magic the Gathering’s most popular format. Games are played in 4 player groups with 100 card decks, built with only one copy of each unique card, headed by a Legendary Creature that dictates what colors your deck are and what strategies you’re employing. Those players then battle it out for fun and glory.


For more information on the Commander format follow this link:

Murders at Karlov Manor Pre-Release

$40 ENTRY FEE (Registration begins at 9AM Sunday)

Setsucon is the same weekend as the Murders at Karlov Manor Prereleases. Something like this doesn’t happen often so we wanted to make sure to bring that experience to the Convention!

Players will each be given a kit with 6 Play Boosters, a Promotional card, and a collectible die. Each player will then have 50 minutes to open those packs and build their best 40 card minimum deck. Basic lands will be provided by event staff. Players will then play a Swiss style tournament for prizes.

For more information on Prerelease events, follow this link:

About Jake’s Cards and Games

Jake’s is your friendly, local game store!
Trading Cards, Comics, Miniature Games, and Board Games. You can stop by their game shop in Bellefonte, PA.

About The Quelmar Realm

The Quelmar Realm is a 501c3 charity organization that builds community through TTRPG. They serve the State College, PA and Baltimore, MD areas, as well as a wider online community through a thriving discord server that hosts weekly games. Quelmar is all about providing resources to players so that no story goes untold. They have a world setting for them to create in and an expansive wiki that they can both read and add to in order to find a place for their game and story to find its place. They also provide resources such as an Arkenforge account that they are able to allow DMs to use, a Twitch stream and podcast to broaden their stories, and a team of fellow DMs that can support and help provide feedback in creating the next generation of Game Masters after them.