Test Your Might in Competitive Gaming Tournaments

Show Off Your Gaming Skills and Enter the Competitive Gaming Tournaments Against the Best Competition from the Region in this Ultimate Winter Season Battle
Tournament Registration Open Prior to and During the Convention

We are excited to be taking the gaming world by storm this winter with by hosting competitive gaming tournaments for Street Fighter 6, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, Guilty Gear Strive, Tekken 8, and Beyblade!

Tournament registration will be open online prior to the convention and through until shortly before each tournament start. Tournament entrants must both register for the tournament of their choosing and register for the convention. Failure to register for both the convention and the tournament will result in a DQ from the tournament. Ensure that you check-in and pay before the scheduled tournament time or risk losing your spot.

Tournament Rules & Notes

Please abide by the following rules throughout the tournaments:

  • It is STRONGLY recommended that you bring your own controllers and equipment to participate in the tournaments; we cannot guarantee enough for everyone to participate (including Beyblades).
    • Any controller that provides an unfair advantage is not allowed at Setsucon’s gaming events. If a controller or function of hardware is found to tamper with results, the player will be disqualified and removed from the event. Custom fightsticks are fine as long as they do not provide any additional advantage a standard controller would.
  • Any form of controller is fine for Guilty Gear STRIVE and Tekken – go crazy.
  • You MUST be a registered attendee for the convention to participate in any of the tournaments, if you are registered for an event and are not a registered attendee with a badge, you will be disqualified from the event and potentially future events.

Street Fighter 6

Singles Tournament

Granblue Fantasy
Versus: Rising

Singles Tournament

Melty Blood:
Type Lumina

Singles Tournament

Mortal Kombat 1

Singles Tournament

Guilty Gear

Singles Tournament

Bandai Namco's
Tekken 8

Singles Tournament

Scarlet & Violet

Singles (Reg F) Tournament

Side Event

Singles IRL Tournament