January 21-22, 2017 · Toftrees Golf Resort & Conference Center

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Setsucon would like to welcome this year's special guests!


Antipode was originally founded in 2006 and performed their first skit/dance show at Setsucon ‘07. The eccentric dance group has combined their love of otaku/nerd culture with their love of belly dancing to create a unique form of dance known as geek belly dancing. Antipode performs throughout the year at numerous conventions.

The group is primarily made up of co-directors Ayla, the choreographer and Merika, the costumer; along with troupe member Linwe, featured guest dancer Tomatsu, and stand elf Termariel. Antipode has had multiple guest dancers grace their shows, many of these dancers come from the Penn State Belly Dance Club.

Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, and off- beat humor Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment.

Kira Buckland

Originally from Alaska, Kira Buckland got her start voice acting for online projects, and later moved on to voice a variety of roles in anime, most notably Umi in Love Live, Julis in The Asterisk War, Izumo in Blue Exorcist, Kuroyukihime in Accel World, Kogyoku in Magi, Zushi in Hunter x Hunter, Hydra Bell in Blood Lad, Mika in Durarara season 2, Cookie and Eco in Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, and Mimete in the new Sailor Moon dub. She was also featured in Miraculous Ladybug as Alix/Timebreaker.

As an avid gamer, she is happy to have lent her voice to quite a few video games, including Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (Trucy Wright), Tales of Zestiria (Edna), Danganronpa 2 (Hiyoko Saionji), Disgaea 5 (Seraphina), Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (Honoka), Skullgirls (Marie), Paladins (Evie), Devil Survivor 2 (Miyako), Bravely Default (Artemia), Hyperdimension Neptunia V (Marvy), Mugen Souls (Chou-Chou), Castle Crashers (Princesses/Medusa), and many more. Not forgetting her Internet roots, she still provides voice work for popular projects such as Kou/Gou in 50% Off and Aerith in FF7 Machinabridged.

Her addictions include cats, makeup, espresso, and classic rock. She also cosplays under the name “Lady Stardust”, and is a huge fan of the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Follow her on Twitter @rinachan or Facebook @KiraVoices!

Erica Lindbeck

Erica Lindbeck is a North Carolina native who has spent the last decade training in theatre, film, improvisation, and voice acting. She is thrilled to play the roles of Futaba Sakura in Persona 5, Magilou in Tales of Zestiria the X, Taliyah in League of Legends, Kaori Miyazono in Your Lie in April, Eli Ayase in Love Live! School Idol Project, Azee Gurumin in Gundam: IBO, Jericho in The Seven Deadly Sins, Nori of the Sleeping Knights in Sword Art Online II, Ema Skye in Ace Attorney 6, Kanae Kotonami in Skip Beat!, Kaede Makidera in Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, and Manami in Durarara!!×2 to name a few.

She is also the voice of Barbie.

For more on Erica, you can check out her website at www.ericalindbeck.com, or find her on social media at Twitter.


Ralph "Ralfington" Edward is a video game and anime music remixer, DJ, and producer. Having worked with Dj Cutman on his very first EP "Remix Default" back in 2014, he has earned his spot as one the newest artists for Dj Cutman's music label GameChops. Since then, Ralfington has produced numerous remixes of video game music including a theme from Pokémon ORAS, Splatoon, Undertale, and most recently Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He has also made a handful of anime music remixes as well including Nanatsu no Tazai (The Seven Deadly Sins), My Love Story, and Kantai Collection. Upon recognition from his success, he has played and performed exciting and fun DJ sets at shows and conventions throughout the past two years, from video game conventions like MAGFest in MD, ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in TX, and TooManyGames in PA. Currently working on new tracks for their new sub-label JōZU Music, he'll be bringing in some new and unique remixes that focuses on anime music, funk, and J-pop!


A comprehensive musician, DJ-R is a composer, producer, audio engineer, singer, and DJ from West Chester, PA. He is a Penn State alumnus and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. When not performing, DJ-R spends his time in the studio creating music across multiple media including film scores, video game soundtracks, concert music, and electronic dance music. Since 2015, DJ-R has been a part of GameChops, a record label for video game dance remixes. His debut release on GameChops, a remix of the Undertale soundtrack, Waterfall (J Razz Remix) has been met with critical praise and has gotten over 150,000 views on YouTube.

Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein entered the world of voiceover by playing a number of original characters for Chuck Jones' Thomas Timberwolf series. Since then, he's voiced Kirby O'Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lupin the Third in Jigen's Gravestone, Captain Gantu in Disney's Stitch! series, Speedwagon in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Full Frontal in Gundam Unicorn, as well as Johan in the chilling series, Monster.

In the video game world, Keith voices the Reaper in Call of Duty Black Ops III, Lex Luthor in Batman: Arkham Knight, Zen in Persona Q, and worked on Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, as well as his recurring roles as: Zasalamel in Soul Calibur, Hunk in Resident Evil, Bash & Dino-Rang in the Skylanders series and Vector, The Crocodile in the Sonic, the Hedgehog games.

Keith is, however, probably best known for his portrayal of Kimimaro on Naruto.

Current projects Keith is working on include Netflix's Ajin: Demi-Human as Koji Tanaka, Glitter Force as Ulric / Wolfrun, The Fresh Beat Band of Spies as Commissioner Goldstar, Viz's Sailor Moon as Professor Tomoe, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Durarara!!×2 as Tom Tanaka / Fukumi, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, and Toonami's Hunter X Hunter as Hisoka. Keith also voices Torbjörn in Blizzard's highly anticipated new game Overwatch.

For more info on Keith Silverstein visit his website at www.keithsilverstein.com, or check out Keith Silverstein Voice Artist on Facebook and @SilverTalkie on Twitter.

Uncle Yo

Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer has toured the American convention scene for nine years, performing at 20+ shows a year. Yo is a long form comedian as well as a narrator for Audible.com, playwright, puppeteer, and podcaster. Some say he is a Setsucon staple, holding the dimensions and Time and Space together and that his whims dictate which version of reality you currently inhabit. Those who say this are few and far between, but they're still correct. He is the host of The World of Darkness-inspired horror podcast "Chroniclers of Darkness," produced bi-weekly on YouTube. He wrote, directed and starred in the fantasy sitcom with puppets "Dungeon Crawlers," as well as emceed burlesque shows, Pro Wrestling adventures and costume contests everywhere from Albany to Albuquerque, Denver to D.C. Come join him for his last active year in the circuit.