Have you been at a convention before and thought to yourself, "man, I really wish I could take pictures with people cosplaying from the same show, video game, or movie that I am"? Have you ever wanted to coordinate a cosplay photoshoot for that reason? Well would you look at that, we are bringing the opportunity to you! If you would like to set up a great cosplay meetup at Setsucon, make sure to read the rules and fill out the form! We look forward to seeing all the great cosplays and fun that will follow.

Cosplay Photoshoot Rules

  • All gatherings, both official and unofficial, must abide by Setsucon Rules and Policies.
  • You will be responsible for coordinating and running your photoshoot.
  • Harassment will NOT be tolerated. Be kind and courteous to all staff and attendees.
  • Setsucon’s cosplay, weapons, and props policies apply to photoshoots as well. If you need a reminder of them, visit Cosplay Policy.